17th June 2011

A Medical Conference in the Dominican Republic for WMSD

2011 Employment
The “Renacer Fundacion Dominicana de Em” (The Dominican Republic MS Foundation) held a medical conference on the 25th May for its World MS Day celebration. They were joined by Doctor Maria Adelita Reyes-Velarde, who gave a lecture called “Living well with MS”.

Dr. Reyes-Velarde "Living well with MS"

They coordinated Dr Reyes-Velarde’s visit with visiting members of the media, and took the opportunity to discuss the importance of government funded medication for patients, and the difficulties arising from the current high cost of social security. They also discussed 2011’s theme of work and the importance of speaking out against discrimination in the workplace.

To read more about the day please visit their website at   www.renacer.org.do

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