5th April 2011

A book launch in Namibia to mark WMSD 2011

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The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Namibia are marking World MS Day with a book launch.

The book was written by Hein Werrlein, a Namibian with MS, who has written a book about his life. Originally in German, an English edition will be launched on World MS Day, 25 May.

Hein Werrlein works on his book with the assistance of his caregiver, LuciaHein was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in 1995, just seven months after he married his wife, Sigi. Hein’s MS has left him severely handicapped and today he can only move his eyes and smile.

Hein was born to German parents in Windhoek, the Namibian capital city, where he has lived all his life.

The social welfare structure in Namibia is such that the Werrleins have had to get the treatment and care they need privately.

In 2008, Hein decided that he wanted to contribute towards society and he and Sigi decided to write a book.

As Hein can’t use his hands to type, he wrote with his eyes, indicating the letters he wanted to use on an alphabet chart or his eye-controlled computer; these being written down by Sigi and his caregiver, Lucia.

The writing took two years. The book, written in German, focuses on Hein’s life with MS.

In 2011, in collaboration with MS Namibia, the book will be translated into English and copies made available in both English and German. The launch of the book will be a part of MS Namibia’s World MS Day activities.

To find out more about MS Namibia please visit their website www.msnamibia.com/

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