30th May 2012

US promotes national awareness

2012 Living with MS
NMSS celebrates WMSDFor WMSD 2012, the National MS Society of the United States’ main aim is to promote knowledge and awareness, both for the more than 400,000 people living with MS in the US, but also those without the condition.

Today is seeing the launch of a new multimedia public awareness and education campaign, ‘MS Kills Connection >   < Connection Kills MS’ , whereby users will be encouraged to share experiences and resources  in a bid to increase awareness about MS, its impact on people’s lives, and the need to get involved.

The day will also see the establishment of the International Progressive Collaborative to speed up the development of effective disease modifying and symptom management therapies for progressive forms of multiple sclerosis as, currently, there are few treatment options for those with progressive forms of MS.  Research priorities have been identified and will be tackled with a multi-disciplinary approach to maximize resources and knowledge that will drive new therapies for people living with MS.
Everyday Matters, an interactive national programme, will also be launched on World MS Day.  The programme, featuring its own website, will draw on practical and scientific applications of positive psychology to engage and inspire the MS community by featuring stories of real people affected by MS who are seeking to overcome a particular everyday challenge or attain a personal goal.

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