3rd May 2012

The Design of Experience

2012 Living with MS
Ann Olivier (60) is a successful fashion designer who lives with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In 1990 Ann was diagnosed with MS. In the same year her sister passed away from an MS related condition. Ann’s determination to live a fulfilling life with MS provides inspiration to people living with and without MS.

As World MS Day 2012 approaches we are taking the opportunity to highlight the work of inspiring individuals who are ‘Living with MS’. Living life in a wheelchair can be hard. Many people with physical disabilities experience low self-esteem and depression .In an impressive stand of defiance against her MS, Ann used her experience to establish a clothing range targeted at other women who use wheelchairs.

Ann developed the ‘Xeni’ fashion collection which caters for people living with physical impairments who experience difficulty wearing clothing or manipulating buttons & zips. Ann’s high-quality tailor-made garments are designed so people living with physical impairments can dress themselves for any occasion. Ann is proof that ‘living with MS’ can inspire new strategies for achieving your life passions rather than putting an end to them altogether.

Look out for more information about how you can get involved when we launch the 2012 campaign on the 9th May! In the meantime don’t forget to subscribe to the World MS Day newsletter.

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