Updates from around the world about what’s happening this World MS Day.

7th June 2018

Discover the highlights from World MS Day 2018: Bringing Us Closer.

21st May 2018

Watch these inspiring videos from some of the incredible people bringing us closer to ending MS.

27th April 2018

How do we celebrate achievement and innovation in MS research?

6th April 2018

Check out these suggestions from MS organisations around the world for involving MS researchers in your World MS Day activities.

27th May 2011

UNISEP annouced the winning entry to their film making competition to mark World MS Day this week   The winning…

25th May 2011

Lori Schneider became the first person with MS to climb Mount Everest, reaching the summit on World MS Day 2009.…

20th May 2011

In Strasbourg, France, Preparations are underway for World MS Day celebrations. The health network alSacEP, in collaboration with local subsidiaries…