MS doesn’t stop me running my business

Sanket, 38, India

I was studying for my masters degree in the USA when I was diagnosed with MS. That was in 2003. I now live in Indore, India, with my wife and two children (aged 3 and 8). I’m a mechanical engineer and I run a business that manufactures car parts. I employ 200 people and I really enjoy what I do.

I have balance issues and my legs are affected with cramps and pain, which affect my every step. I think that attitude is crucial to living happily with MS. Living with MS is a constant game battle between two very strong players: body and mind. My advice would be to always keep the mind over the body. Confidence comes when the mind controls the body. I tell people: “Don’t make too much out of MS, just carry on.”

Everyone at my workplace knows that I have MS, including my clients. I’ve had to become a role model in my community because there has been no one else for me imitate!

I helped to set up the first support group for people with MS in Indore. My group evolved into what is now the Indore chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI), where I was the secretary. I am still involved in advocacy work for the society and I feel strongly that new disability legislation in India must include MS and should be passed quickly!

Nothing has stopped me yet! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.