A poem from India for World MS Day

sister cini

I am Sister. Cini a bedridden MS patient – I want to tell you MS could capture my physical self but not my spirit. And this poem ‘Nothing can stop you….’ Is dedicated to ‘World MS Day 2014.

‘Nothing can stop you….’

A young and vibrant traveler was I on earth
Meeting many, enjoying the rhythm of life
I moved about freely like a butterfly
Sharing my joyous person with all on my way

Sudden was that great turmoil
The turmoil of Multiple Sclerosis
My wings steadily grew weak
I began to drag my life like a snail

Absolutely shattered and broken was I
Then I heard a voice deep within
‘Cini, you aren’t MS but a great Power’
Yes, I did heed the voice and rose to my feet again
Just to shine with greater determination and beauty

All what I had was my colourful wings of truer-self
That lay helplessly on my life path
I upheld the precious gem of my person
And whispered to all in anguish,
‘Smile the world is beautiful
Nothing can stop you from shining ever bright
Except you yourself’