Mike’s tips for life with MS

Mike is an Englishman living in Melbourne, Australia. He’s a Dad, a full time worker, and he has MS.

Take a break

After a busy morning at work I’m usually pretty tired. I use my lunchbreak to get some sunlight. I go outside to get some fresh air and try to switch my mind off. By getting away from my desk I re-set myself for the afternoon.

Learn to say “no”

I’ve had MS for about nine years, but I’m still refining how I make things work. I still learn on a regular basis about what I can and can’t do. Keep learning, it’s a process. When people ask you to do more or you feel you should do more… Don’t. Know your limits, learn them, test them and learn to say no.

Sometimes you just have to stop

Being a Dad is awesome! But being a Dad with MS is challenging. At the weekends we run around after the kids, taking them to various sporting activities. I love it but I really struggle with the tiredness so, at the weekends, I’ll often have a sleep after lunch.

Listen to your body

One of my symptoms is that I get migraines when I overdo things. I can feel them coming, so I use them as an early warning system that I need to relax. I pay attention to how I feel and if I feel particularly bad I will try and pin down what I did differently.

Don’t drink alcohol during the week

Alcohol is a particular challenge for me, even just having a couple of drinks will leave me feeling very flat. Now I don’t drink alcohol at all during the week, because it stops me from being the best that I can be at work and for my family.

Find something that helps you to forget about MS

I cycle to work. One of the best things about cycling is that it makes me forget about my MS and instead it just feels like a proper physical tiredness. I appreciate not everyone with MS can cycle but it helps to find something that makes you feel like this!