MS doesn’t stop me getting out and about

Manuela, 48, Germany

I was diagnosed with MS in 2003. I am a single parent to three children, aged 10, 22 and 24.

My wheelchair is my constant companion and my assistant, helping me get from A to B. I rely on it to get me around, but I have never seen it as an embarrassment or a sign that says: “now I am disabled”.

My life is beautiful and I’m (mostly) happy. I love my music and I am singer in a band called “New Georgia Groove” and part of a duo called “TonArt“.

I believe that you should focus on the skills you have and not mourn the things that are no longer possible. I have only cried about my MS on one occasion, and that was the day I was diagnosed. I talked to my sister and after a while, I said: “That’s enough! I have to drive for more than an hour to get home and I need to concentrate. That’s it! No more tears.”

My accessible car, my wheelchair, my music, my family (who are always behind me), the ability to ask for help when I need it and refuse help if I can manage alone, all give me independence.