MS doesn’t stop me taking pride in my home

Magali, 64, Brazil

I had my first MS attack in 1977, when I was misdiagnosed with a stroke. It took six years to get the correct diagnosis. Back then, I was immobile and needed help with everything. I had hit rock bottom, but my family made it clear that they could help me and I wouldn’t be a burden on them. That gave me the inspiration I needed to get going again. I never enjoyed having people do things for me, so I’m glad to be more independent now.

The little things I can do in my home make me happy. I sweep the floor, dust the furniture, wash my clothes and clean the dishes. It’s funny because I’d never done any housework before, but now I really enjoy it! I’ve learnt a lot from my MS.


Instead of going dancing at samba schools, I now have fun making and selling handicrafts, which also helps me financially. I used to work very long hours but I’ve retired due to my MS. Now I volunteer for ABEM, an MS organisation in Brazil, where I look after the accounts of their shop which sells crafts made by people with MS.

I’ve come to the conclusion that MS can’t be your enemy – you have to live with it. But I am the one in charge. MS can walk beside me, but never in front of me.