MS doesn’t stop me being part of the family

Ina, 58, Netherlands

I live in Nieuw Unicum, a centre in the Netherlands which provides care for people with progressive MS. Since moving here, I am so much more independent. I can get help with the most energy-consuming tasks, like getting out of bed and having a shower, which means that I can focus my energy on the things I enjoy doing the most. For me, this is quality of life.

When I lived at home with my husband, I was much more dependent on him, but in Nieuw Unicum everything is nearby so I can get there myself and access the right treatment.


I have now lost the use of my right arm, so I am receiving physiotherapy at Nieuw Unicum to train me to become left-handed, giving me even more independence. Although I can no longer work, I spend time volunteering on the farm and taking part in a creative workshop, where I make seasonal gifts and decorations to sell.

My family had a hard time when I decided to move to Nieuw Unicum, but now they can see how much my life has improved. Now that my husband is no longer responsible for my care, I’m just part of the family and we can do nice things together.