1000 faces of MS: Alla’s story

Alla Al Saffy

Alla Al Saffy has kindly shared her story with us. Thanks, Alla, for your inspirational words!

“Though it has been nine years since MS entered my life, it whispers in my mind – I give no attention to it and continue straight on with my mission. MS pulled me down, held me back, caused me to stumble but failed to make me fall. MS brought my life desire, strength, courage, and hope. No matter how hard life has proven to be with MS, I keep it close to my mind, heart and soul. MS is my teacher in life – when I was weak it challenged me to be strong, when I was sad it challenged me to be happy, and when I was in pain, MS challenged me to be brave and be a survivor.

I find MS a blessing as everything in life has a reason and there is a reason that MS entered my life, perhaps simply to bring knowledge, support and assistance to others who live with MS and aren’t strong enough to challenge it. I stand by them and I challenge MS for them, for I will take every stride one by one and every day as a new and another.

With MS I will always be strong no matter how hard it is, I will never lose Hope. I will always have faith and live my life with love. MS’ers we are and will always be strong!”
– Alla Al Saffy

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