World MS Day Celebration

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The first event of this year’s World MS Day was “Cupcakes for ribbons”. We asked people to help us make orange ribbons - symbol of MS in exchange for cupcakes and coffee.Next scheduled event is a meeting in one of the libraries in Warsaw to tell their readers about MS. (on Monday before World MS Day)Our main event will take place in Museum of Polish Jews, which is located nearby and let us use one of their conference rooms for free. During the first part a renowned neurologist will speak about new therapies and how the access to treatment has changed for Polish patients during those last couple of years. Next presentations will focused on general cost of illness (based on “MS- report on disease management” by Lazarski University) and quality of life (based on “Seven principles to improve quality of life” by MSIF). Later will be presented this year's MS-fight for yourself campaign. In the second part, we want to make a discussion panel with varies people with MS. The panel would be coherent with the campaign message #bringinguscloser and divided into two parts: the first would be devoted to self-help projects: “Peer to peer” (for newly diagnosed) and “Strong and young” (for children and young adults with MS). The second panel would concern a project on the availability of doctor's offices (especially the gynaecological ones) for woman with disabilities. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Kulawa Warszawa (Eng. Limp Warsaw) Foundation. During the event we will also present short videos: one, prepared by MSIF about how the new therapies for MS are created, and the other prepared by PTSR telling how access to treatment in Poland has changed over the years. During the event we will share out orange ribbons that our volunteers have prepared during “Cupcakes for ribbons event.
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