Recieving Hopes despite the sanctions

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Mohammad Hadi Ayazi, Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education in the International MS Day in Milad Tower, while thanking the members of the Iranian MS Society , said: It is very important for us to create a space for people to Participate in different fields. Fortunately, more than 80 percent of the medications required for MS patients are produced in the country, while those who use non-Iranian drugs are 20 percent. Concerns exsist for the Society. If our health systemss face sanction issues, this can affect the health of our patients. Officials of the Food and Drug Administration are constantly reviewing the existing conditions and anticipating the effects of sanctions on the country's drug capacities so that if sanctions were intensified against us, patients would not be in difficulties to get their drugs and the medicine we needed would be available, he said. We hope that we will not have any concerns about the provision of medicines for patients, with the help of the WHO, and Ministry of Health . As we successfully overcame providing drugs despite the sanctions in last years we will also overcome the problems in this period of time and we will hopefully produce all the medicine for the Iranian patients here inn Iran.
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