A seminar for raising awareness of MS

The Israeli Multiple Sclerosis society cares for MS patients belonging to diverse sectors of population that make up the State of Israel: Arab speaking Israelis, Israelis of different minorities, Haredi (ultra-orthodox) communities, and more... The Society adapts its activities to meet the various requirements and customs of the various sectors. For example, two seminar days are held in Arabic. In 2018, the Society held a special seminar for MS patients from the Haredi(ultra-orthodox) sector. This seminar is being conducted for rabbis who are opinion leaders, and have a significant influence in the Haredi communities, where diseases are a private and confidential matter, and turning for help and support is usually based on guidance provided by rabbis. International Multiple Sclerosis Day A seminar for raising awareness of MSSymptoms - Genetics - Treatments - Home Care – Emotional& psychological support - Activities of the IMSS Invited Guests: Rabbis and medical counselors Not open to the publicDate: 5/07/2018, 22 Tamuz Tasha’ach Location: Hadar DiMol, Ramat GanThe conference is offered as a public service, courtesy of Sanofi Genzyme & Sabar Health companies The service is provided impartially, with no impact on the conference’s content. 
16:00Arrival and refreshments
16:30Opening words: Medical Consultant Rabbis
16:45Need for medical home care? Dr Ronny Sabar - Sabar Founder and Medical Director 
17:25What is Multiple Sclerosis? Symptoms, genetics and treatments Prof. D. Karussis – Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem and member of the Medical Advisory Board of the Israel MS Society
18:00Q&A / Coffee break
18:15Patient testimonial – Dov Guggenheim 
18:30Activities of the Israel MS Society – Janine Vosburgh , Executive Director and Director of Social Services  
18:45Importance of emotional support by psychologists and social workers, support group of the IMSS Osnat Sheizaf, MA Social Work, Director of Social Services at the IMSS
19:05How to refer for hospitalization, the criteria, etc… Galit Giladi – Community Relations Director at Sabar
19:30Group discussion
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