Carpa Experimental de Síntomas Invisibles

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A tent (gazebo) is going to be installed in the explanade in front of the City Hall of Montevideo, Uruguay from Monday 27 to Thursday 30 May, from 11am to 4pm. It will allow general public in our capital city to feel in their own flesh some of the invisible symptoms of MS, with the help of simple gadgets, and providing them with the opportunity of speaking and meeting people with MS that will inform them about the invisible symptoms of MS and of the different strategies they have developped to manage them. We will use this activity to support WMSD2019 campaign in many ways: - by making people experience the different symptoms as an interactive activity in this tent hosted by EMUR. It will be the first time for us to have the opportunity of making the general public feel “as if” they had MS symptoms that are not perceived by others - the cabin wil be taken to other cities of Uruguay in the following months thus allowing the general public to feel in their own flesh and body the invisible MS symptoms, participating in a very strong emotional personal experience. Everybody in the country will be able to participate in a sort of theatrical interactive experience, which is a way of allowing our society “to feel what people with MS feel” -at least in their bodies- thus contributing to less discrimination and less invisibility of persons affected by MS in Uruguay. We hope that this activity will lead to understanding and respecting people with MS. - Not only common people will participate in the Experimental Tent of Invisible MS Symptoms but also health and media workers, politicians, policy makers and thought leaders will have the opportunity of feeling “as if they had MS symptoms that are not perceived by others. - We hope that media coverage of the activity will result in better MS awareness with EMUR being recognized as the local MS association. We will have the chance to describe better our activities, to reach the general population and we can also engage new supporters of our association throughout the country.
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