Prince George MS Lightup

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We are the community of MS affected people locally in Prince George BC Canada, independent, but partner to the MS Society of Canada, Northern Regional Chapter. In the city of Prince George we have a unique relationship between the MS Society of Canada's local chapter (the Northern Regional Chapter, FB page linked), the MS Clinic at the University Hospital of Northern BC and the local Self Help Support Group. The Community recognizes all MS affected persons globally that happen to be in our city as members. That includes the staff of those support entities and the City of Prince George which has MS affected people on their staff. Affected means you either have it or your concerned contacts who are impacted by MS in an individual or group. Our city's icon, Mr. PG (pictured pre-lighting) is located at the at the intersection of British Columbia's Provincial Highway 16 and Canadian National Highway 97 within the city of Prince George. It will be lit up in Red for an evening between the 27th when our national Walk locally happens and the 30th of May for World MS day. Pictures will be posted to the Northern Regional Chapter's webpage for the 30th or shortly after. Please tag your puctures with #mswalk2018, #mswalkpg2018, #bringinguscloser, #worldmsday, #worldmsdaypg2018. This will be the first time this community at the hub of our province will do this in honor of World MS day! We've traditionally only had the energy to meet and discuss this without funding. Now we're all working together to make it happen. MS does live in Northern BC, an MS hot spot in the nation with the most actual patents. We do recognize our place alongside the globe of affected persons. See you next year again!
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