Sending a signal for people with MS

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May 31st 2017 is World MS-day. The Swiss MS-Society is planning a very special event. At 7 locations people will assemble to form the word SIGNAL! in order to create a powerful message and public awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

Anyone can sign up and secure a place in the letters S,I,G,N,A,L, !. These letters will be broadcasted from Sion, Zug, Bern, Chur, Basel, Lausanne and Bellinzona live to Zurich, where the message SIGNAL! will be presented on multiple screens to the crowd.

A l’occasion de la Journée Mondiale de la SEP qui aura lieu le 31 mai 2017, nous formerons des lettres à taille humaine simultanément dans sept villes suisses, pendant la pause déjeuner. Ces lettres seront retransmises en direct à Zurich sur grand écran et formeront le mot: SIGNAL!

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