Beneficial concert + awards of estimable members and co-workers

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Union Roska is hosting an evening of celebrations at the Culture Centre Zahrada to mark two special occasions: the 25th anniversary of Roska foundation, and World MS Day.

The evening will begin with the presentation of awards to our estimable members and co-workers, followed by a raffle and, finally, the highlight of the evening: a beneficial concert.

16. 00 – 18.00: Awards for estimable members and co-workers
18.00  – 19.00: Explanation of ROSKA´s activities, refreshment, raffle with prizes
19. 00 – Late: Jazz Night with Rock´n ´roll
Rock´n´ roll club ALPHA – some young rock´n´roll
Classic Jazz Collegium – a bit of old jazz with Bob Zajíček

Presenter: Dalibor Gondík

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